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Plush Washcloth Set

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Woven from 100% cotton, our washcloth is exceptionally soft and absorbent. Ultra long-lasting, it will get even softer after each wash while staying clean longer between laundry days thanks to the anti-microbial technology.
4 Washcloths
Color: White
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Plush Washcloth Set

Regular price
Regular price
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Color: White
The Details

100% Cotton
Soft and Absorbent Plush
Anti-Microbial Protection


Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Do not use fabric softener as it can reduce absorbency of your towels.

Size Guide

12" x 12"
Hand Towel
20" x 30"
Bath Towel
30" x 58"
Bath Sheet
40" x 70"

Extra fresh. No funk.

Keep your towels smelling fresh long after laundry day with our bacteria squashing technology. Resident towels are plush and super absorbent while keeping that musty smell at bay.

No more musty towels

Fresh Longer

Our skin-safe, non-toxic technology actively fights mold, mildew and bacteria to keep your towels smelling and feeling fresh longer.


Our products have been tested for toxic substances and are certified as harmless for human health.

365-Day trial

Try our products for a full year, if you don't love them, return for a full refund.

Why customers buy from us

365 Day and Night Trial

We're committed to your satisfaction and are confident you're going to love our products. That's why we offer an industry leading 365 day trial. Try our products for a full year, if you don't love them, return for a full refund.

Anti-Microbial Technology

Our anti-microbial technology is a permanent, skin-safe and environmentally-safe fabric coating that stops microbial growth in its tracks. Regular bedding and bath linens foster microbial growth caused by sweat, moisture, humidity, warmth, dirt, dead skin cells and, more generally, living life. The result? Funky odors and sheets and towels that feel decidedly unfresh. In contrast, our anti-microbial technology kills odor-causing microorganisms before they have a chance to grow and multiply. So your linens feel cleaner and smell fresher for longer.

Premium Products That Last

We're all about luxury that can and should be lived in. Whether you want hotel splendor at home with cool and crisp percale or silky smooth sateen, we have a bedding option sure to conjure sweet dreams. Our bedding feels great out of the box and gets softer with every wash.

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Charity Partners

We're committed to keeping product out of our landfills. We donate all returns to charity. When you initiate a return, our team will provide you with an address of a local (to you) charity donation center or with a prepaid shipping label.